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Od poznania Boga do pos?usze?stwa

From Knowing God to Obedience


This is the second of a six-year program to teach children Bible truths during Sunday school classes or religion classes.


The book contains 35 well planned Bible lessons divided, suggestions of verses to be memorized, and ideas for practical applications. These lessons may serve as a basis for teaching at camps for children and young people, Bible clubs, etc.


The lessons teach Bible truth about God the Father and Jesus Christ, so that children can understand that real obedience to God begins with giving Him your life. The lessons are based on the Book of Acts and introduce children to the first Christians. This will encourage them to follow and obey God.


Worksheets are enclosed and will help children to review the material in a very enjoyable way through reviews, puzzles, crossword puzzles, etc. They can be accumulated in a notebook.


Size: 20cm x 28.5cm

Number of pages: 120 (plus 20 pages for copying as teaching materials for biblical lessons and practical classes)

Number of pages of worksheets: 72


We accept mail order sales, and you can order the books through:


Price : 60,00 zł / kpl.
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