Christian Association "Love Education Maturity"

Christian Association "Love Education Maturity"

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Camps for Children and Teenagers

MED has a long-standing tradition of organizing Christian summer camps for children and teenagers.

Here is what we offer:



The Young Discoverers Camp – is designed for children ages, 8-12 years. At OMO camps, in addition to enjoying the beauty of creation and relaxing in the Beskidy mountain area or the Kaszuby lakes region, you can discover a lot of great things about yourself and, most importantly, about walking with God.



The Special Young Discoverers Camp is designed for children with moderate intellectual disabilities. The camp program includes relaxation in an atmosphere of acceptance and love, excursions, various games and activities, music, arts and crafts, and Bible activities.



Climber and English Camp - is in fact two camps in one. For some it involves a course in climbing a 15 meter-high natural rock outcrop and is supervised by climbing instructors from the UK. For others it provides activities and conversations in English conducted by native English speakers. This camp is designed for teenagers, ages 13-16 years


Our camps include:


-         A stay in one of the beautiful Beskidy mountain valleys or at one of the lakes in the Kaszuby lakes region

-         Good relaxation and fun in an atmosphere absent of discos, tobacco, alcohol, and drugs

-         Bible teach with practical applications to life

-         Qualified Christian counselors and teachers

-         Excursion, trips to a swimming pool, bonfire evenings, meetings with interesting people, etc.


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