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Summer Bible School

Summer Bible School is a two-level training course organized annually in the summer time. The classes are taught by our Association workers with long-term experience in teaching children of different age groups.


The LEVEL 1 course prepares for more effective evangelistic work and teaching children by giving practical tools and broad knowledge on: teaching a Bible lesson, Biblical foundations for evangelizing and teaching children, counseling, discipline, teaching through: Bible verses, songs, competitions, games, visuals etc.  The level is meant for people who have not participated in our courses before. It’s appropriate for both those taking their first steps in teaching children and those who desire to become more useful ministers in Church. A LEVEL 1 course graduate is able to prepare a Bible lesson unaided, without using any ready-made materials. 


The LEVEL 2 course deepens the previously acquired knowledge and widens the range of teaching techniques by covering the following topics: working with different age groups (teenagers, nursery school pupils), the principles of teaching and biblical foundations of teaching children. The course prepares for doing the follow-up work with children and teenagers. Thus, it covers, among other things, teaching Christian disciplines to children, such as prayer, reading the Bible and sharing testimony; teaching doctrines to children (using various lesson-types) and teaching on missions.  The level is meant for LEVEL-1 course graduates. 

The course participants must be at least 16 years old. We do not provide extra-mural teaching so we expect that each individual enrolling to the courses will actively participate in all the classes. We allow for the participants to bring their children to the course under the condition they do not require constant care.

Summer Bible School, as shown by our more than ten-year-long experience, is the most efficient form of training. 

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