Christian Association "Love Education Maturity"

Christian Association "Love Education Maturity"

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Who we are

Our Beggining:

The Christian Association ″Love Education Maturity″ (in Polish, Milosc Edukacja Dojrzalosc - MED) began it´s ministry in 1990 as the Child Evangelism Mission (in Polish, Misja Ewangelizacyjna w?ród Dzieci, also MED). In January 2003, MED changed its name to its current Association name. The Christian Association “MED” is a Polish interdenominational mission organization that employs Polish national ministry workers for field work and office staff. Its wide range of ministry is also made possible through the involvement of many volunteer workers. At times, the MED ministry extends beyond the borders of Poland.

Our purpose in ministry is to:
- Evangelize and disciple children, and teach them the Good News of Salvation in Jesus Christ (Matthew 18:14, Deuteronomy 11:18-19)
- Promote a Biblical method and model of raising and educating children (II Timothy 3:15-17).

We accomplish our purpose by:
- Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Bible-based programs and meetings, primarily for children
- Leading teacher training courses and conducting workshops for children´s workers
- Supporting parents and teachers in their roles as educators and mentors 
- Developing teaching material to help those who work in children´s ministry.


Who is involved in the MED ministry?

The Christian Association “MED” currently employs 8 workers who minister in various parts of Poland. We evangelize and teach God´s Word to children and teenagers, as well as prepare other believers to minister to young people. We are an interdenominational ministry that assists churches, other like-minded ministries, and individuals who are interested in ministering to young people.

From its beginning, the ministry of MED has been made possible by the help of many volunteer workers who have dedicated their free time to ministering to children and teenagers. We have been sustained over the years by the prayers of our friends and the financial gifts of God’s people in Poland and from abroad. We are thankful to God and to those who are committed to His work and our ministry in Poland! We look to the future with great hope and believe that through His church and His people, God will continue to meet our needs.

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