Christian Association "Love Education Maturity"

Christian Association "Love Education Maturity"

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Our Ministry

Our work with children and teenagers:


1. After School Clubs in communities and in churches.

2. Bible Clubs that regularly meet to evangelize and disciple young people.

3. Special events such as one-day Holiday Bible Clubs and evangelistic meetings.

4. Vacation Bible Clubs that are held during the winter and summer holidays.

5. Bible Camps and Day Camps during the summer and winter holidays that combine Bible teaching with recreational, sport, and educational activities.

6. Lectures and seminars in public schools and churches that address the issues and challenges of contemporary youth.

7. Bible Correspondence Courses that help young people to study the Bible and to apply its truths in their daily life. Through these courses we reach those who are not exposed to the Bible on a daily basis, and we minister to those who want to broaden their knowledge of the Bible.

8. Out newest ministry is a Summer Bible Camp for mentally handicapped young people. We hope to expand this ministry for those who are sometimes marginalized in our society and in the church. 


Our work with teachers and parents:


We offer instruction and support to churches, schools, organizations, and individuals who are concerned about the well-being of children and teenagers, and who are interested in teaching Biblical truth to them. We do this through:

1. A Summer Bible School where the participants study teaching methods, improve their teaching ability, and expand their knowledge of the Bible.

2. Courses, seminars, and workshops that are held in response to invitations from churches and fellowships and which cater to their specific needs and challenges.

3. Lectures in churches, schools, pre-schools, and other public forums.

4. The Annual All-Poland Interdenominational Winter Conference for Children´s Workers and Parents that offers a place for interaction, mutual support, sharing ideas, equipping people with tools and methods in Bible-based education and care, and promoting personal growth and development.

5. Preparing and printing material for people who work with children and teenagers. The material is available from the MED office and at events that are organized by MED.


″I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me.″ (Philippians 4:13)

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