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Christian Association "Love Education Maturity"

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Annual MED Conference

The Annual MED All-Poland Conference for Children’s Workers and Parents

We have organized the Annual MED All-Poland Conference for Children’s Workers and Parents during the winter break, for over 20 years. We invite the children’s ministry leaders, teachers involved in teaching children and teenagers, anybody who is interested in this kind of ministry, as well as parents.

The conference program includes Bible lectures that aim at strengthening the participants spiritually as well as seminars and workshops on topics related to ministry among children and teenagers.
We invite outstanding Bible teachers, pastors and missionaries to hold the main lecture sessions.

The seminars and practical workshops are carried out by our Association workers, the representatives of other Christian organizations operating in Poland and specialists in various areas, like psychologists or therapists. The objective of the conferences is to encourage, mobilize, and equip for the ministry. They are also a good occasion to meet teachers from different Christian denominations from all over Poland, share one’s experience and equip oneself with the literature that can be useful for working with children and teenagers.  Parents are invited to come to the conference with their children, who are offered a special Bible program  and lots of attractive activities.

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